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i never had myspace im litteraly the definition of the person who was born in 1999 dec. 31 11:59 and she  says i miss the 1900s



i miss myspace

never did like facebook because it just wasnt customizable like myspace

Its creative,cool and funny! Wonderfull game <3

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This was clever and so nostalgic! :')Though, in my case it was friendster XD

Having been 16-years-old in 2007 this was very relatable. Well-done! The Shins was basically pretentious me and I approve.

That was great, I never knew how much I would be into a chip tune of 1000 miles.  Also great job capturing the myspace feel, it was very authentic!


Neat game! Did you make those chiptunes yourself?

Sadness and Sorrow didn't make the cut over Cruel Angel Thesis did it :P

NGE and blink-182 in the same game?  5/5

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This is phenomenal!!!!! There's so much coolness going on here! ✨✨✨✨


Oh wow this is so cool! what did you do to have enter/space for the interactions?