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Wow, that was a very interesting experience. Nice work. With a little bit of polishing this game has a lot of potential. What engine did you use?


i really like this kind of interaction and experienc




loved this so much


oh my god that was incredible


came back here to play 10 Mississippi again. one of my favorite games from all of 2018 - definitely one I've returned to again and again throughout the year. plus - it turned me onto Adult Mom and Full Screen! really a gorgeous game :) 


this game is trash its like my teachers shit breath


I understand if you dont like a game but isnt that a bit shitty of you to say.


Game is pretty short, but I still love it.  Gameplay is absolutely awesome. Like and subscribe, omg.

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Creo entender el motivo del juego o por así decirlo "moraleja". Me imagino que tratas de plasmar la monotonía del día y como pusiste en la descripción la inconformidades diarias. Sin embargo, no llego a ver esto realmente en el juego.

Entiendo (o al menos eso creo) muy bien los juegos experimentales, pero realmente no le veo ningún significado a este, pero espero que sigas desarrollando la idea que con este estilo puedes llegar a hacer algo realmente inovador, bueno creo que ese es el punto de ser experimental ¿no? :3

Sorry for redacting in spanish but is more easy to me for express my opinion and ideas.


Very nice game ^^ The gameplay is good!